Is there any Alternate for PPC? Yes! Its CPV and PPV

Nowadays, as long as one has access to the internet, one is able to do anything with a few clicks. Small and big companies alike are using websites and web pages so as to be able to reach out to their customers and to be able to introduce these products and services to potential customers who just happened to come across their websites.

Advertisements have come a long way, and they have reached the internet. As the more traditional platforms of advertisement have become more expensive, it already is impractical to use them if the company is small or if the business is not doing well. Advertising online has become more practical because it is cheaper, and has far more reach than the traditional platforms.

PPC advertising or pay per click advertising is one of the more popular internet adverting models. It used to direct traffic to websites where advertisers pay the website owner when their ad is clicked. Ads are placed within the websites, and when these websites are visited, there is a high chance that the ads will be clicked. How are these websites found? The content on the website should have keywords arranged in a way that when searched on a search engine, will be able to show at the top of the search pages.

Of course, this is a risky advertising because pay per click management is not always effective. If the websites in which the advertisements are placed are not visited enough, or do not always show up on search engines, the advertisements will stay stagnant. Additionally, with pay per click advertising campaigns, you pay every time a consumer clicks on your advertisement, whether or not they actually view your page. However, there are already alternatives to pay per click advertising, and these are CPV and PPV advertising!

CPV advertising (cost per view advertising) and PPV advertising (pay-per-view) advertising are similar to pay per click programs, but are cheaper and easier to use than PPC. While a pay per click company has to pay a website for every click made on an advertisement, CPV and PPV advertisers only pay when a user lands on a page and views the site. With CPV and PPV advertising, you are sure that you visitors are really reading the advertisement and not just randomly clicking it.

Cost per view advertising in a nutshell is having AdWords video ads which are more interactive than just words and images – a video of the ad is played, and the viewer will be able to view your ad, read the content, and will have a link directly to your website. With CPV, you don’t have to pay when someone clicks on your ad, you only pay when a viewer watches your video. This way, you’re sure that your payment goes a long way.

Pay per view advertising on the other hand is the combination between PPC and CPM advertising. Another way to define PPV advertising is that it is essentially a legal adware, where there is an exchange of services, where users agree to be shown ads and, in return, receive free “gifts” like screensavers, games, among others.

Whether pay per click advertising, cost per view advertising or pay per view advertisings, there is never just one solution right for your website. Using a combination of all three might boost your ad campaign well enough for it to be widely spread.