What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Many online business owners are asking “What is pay per click advertising and how can it help my business?”

Pay per click advertising is one of the cheapest forms of promoting your company’s products, services or brand to internet users. This type of advertising comes in the form of clickable banners or short ads that are available on any website that caters to your target niche.

Pay per click advertising started out in 1998 and was quickly embraced by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! as a viable means for adding revenue to their sites. Although traffic was guaranteed at that time, other desired actions like making a purchase, was not immediately foreseen.

Today, most search engines offer pay per click advertising services to businesses who want to strengthen their ranking. This pay per click advertising is often subjected to a bidding and an advertiser can choose a specific amount (usually in cents) that they are willing to pay for every click they receive. This helps bring about traffic to their sites but does not guarantee any other form of action. These types of advertisements are often found at the top (right under the search bar) or at the sides and appears as sponsored links that are relevant to whatever the user has typed in.

Advertisers have also began looking at blogs or other websites that contain topics relevant to their products or services to place pay per click ads on specific areas. This is a win-win situation for the advertisers and the blog or website owner as they both profit from this practice. This is a more focused manner in using pay per click advertising and is more likely to receive a positive response.

Because of this there are many companies who have started to offer pay per click advertising as a viable means of promoting a company’s products or services in a more focused manner. For a business owner, getting the services of these pay per click advertising companies raises your chances of reaching your target customers and ensuring traffic which increases your chances of ranking higher than your competitors on search engines as well as gaining more profit on or offline.

Pay per click advertising companies provide relevant keyword research which can be used when you bid on search engines effectively. These keywords are the most commonly used search terms your intended customers use when searching for specific products or services. Once these keywords are typed into the search engine, your company will appear at the top along with your competitors. If you are placed higher, you have more chances of being the first one chosen by your customers and closing the deal.

So, even if pay per click advertising is the cheapest form of advertising online today, it can still serve its purpose of raising awareness of your company’s brand, product or services. It will also help drive traffic to your website. The more traffic you have coming in, the more chances of raising awareness or closing a sale.