What is the Future of SEO?

Many have speculated that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a dead art with the recent changes Google has made in the algorithm that greatly affected the performance and rankings of most websites. On the contrary, Search Engine Optimization is very much alive and kicking albeit more refined and refocused because of the advent of Panda and Penguin. Panda and Penguin are two very recent updates Google has made that changed the way Search Engine Optimization is done.

Nowadays, what used to work in the past is considered as spammy.

This gives way to more websites with good quality content and not just articles or content that has keywords sprinkled in everywhere to attract attention from web crawlers and enhance its chances of ranking higher. Now, good quality content is given top priority to reach higher ranks.

This spells the demise of many Search Engine Optimization practices that are deemed as unfair or also known as Black Hat practices. Aside from Black hat practices there are also grey hat, red hat, blue hat and yellow hat practices. All of these unfair practices are seeing an end in its success in fooling Search Engines to rank them higher than the good old white hat practitioners.

White hat SEO practitioners have always been around and have provided good quality content which helps a website gain real and organic followers and traffic.

SEO is now more conformist and sticks to a formula that dissuades 3rd party companies from affecting, manipulating or influencing search results made through its search engines.

Since Google has shareholders to consider, these recent changes have resulted in more faith in the technological giant.

With these recent changes, many SEO companies and experts have also learned to adapt or change their tactics to conform to the search engine standards set by Google.

This is good news as more and more White hat practitioners are being recognized and businesses all over the world who have online presence are finally getting the right amount of organic traffic flowing into their respective domains. This is a good way to commend white hat practitioners who have always provided conscientious tactics in raising any website’s ranks over black hat practitioners who blatantly break rules.

Instead of synthetic activity brought about by dummy backlinks, false web traffic and the use of click farms to provide massive amounts of traffic into any particular website, Search Engine Optimization experts are now creating real links and promoting a company to its target niche properly. This now ensures that your amount of web traffic will more or less match your online or offline profit.

What is the future of SEO? Well the future of Search Engine Optimization looks good as it now embraces a fairer amount of competition and real organic traffic flowing into online businesses on the web. Getting a good Search Engine Optimization company or expert to assist you with optimizing your website with white hat techniques is high priority so remember to employ one as soon as possible so that you can adapt as easily as possible.