How do I Know if Social Media Marketing is Working?

With the prevalence of Social Media Sites today, advertising companies and other businesses have began to recognize it as a powerful tool to offer their services, products and strengthen their brand.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social Media Sites are effective ways to reach your target market. Facebook for example is a very good medium for introducing new products or announcing new events your company has.

So the question on every business owner’s mind who has a site or page on these top three social sites is: how do I know if social media marketing is working?

One good thing about social media sites is the ability to track the responses of everyone who takes notice of your post. From this you can gauge the overall result of your campaign. You can also make adjustments along the way by continuously monitoring your daily or weekly performance.

Popular Social Media Sites used for Social Media marketing:

  1. Facebook – This Social Media site continues to dominate the market for Social Media Marketing with over 2 billion users worldwide. Any notification posted on Facebook immediately reaches thousands of users. If the initial recipients like your post, this information is shared to their family and friends increasing your chances of getting noticed.
  2. Twitter – This micro blogging site is extremely popular. Any tweet sent out can also be shared through Facebook. Most tweets sent out through Twitter has the potential of getting followers. To date, there are more than a thousand Twitter users who have over a million followers. Any posts re-tweeted by these super users has the potential of reaching thousands with positive results.
  3. Pinterest – allows users to pin their desires providing a highly visual page for their followers to see products and services. Doing this serves as a way of recommending a product to their peers or followers.

There are so many other Social Media Sites that allows businesses to use it for promotions and advertising.

So how will you really know if Social Media Marketing is working as a form of advertising?

Most businesses today from small scale businesses to medium scale one and even the giant corporations have employed the use of Social Media Marketers to help spread the word about their products, services, brand or company. Businesses like Samsung, Nokia, HP, and Canon have benefited greatly from using Social Media to help bring awareness to an untapped market for their products as well as their services. This has also helped strengthen the brand recognition which these companies are currently enjoying as the top companies providing the best services and products in their specific niche today.

By getting the services of a Social Media marketer to help you with bringing attention to your company as well as your products and services, you can start strengthening your brand. Social Media Marketers can also help determine what’s hot or not in the market today and help you adjust to the market trend.

By using Social Media Marketing as an additional promotional tool, you can ensure that your company will stay relevant to your target customers!