What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) and why is it relevant in the current business market today?

Social Media Marketing is the efficient use of popular Social Media Sites in bringing attention to your company’s products, services or brand. Popular Social Media sites available today are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Multiply and others that promotes interactions between citizens.

The Internet is a very powerful tool in bringing about convergence and most, if not all businesses, know this. Social Media sites have been in existence for more than a decade and just recently found itself as a very powerful tool for promoting or advertising products and services. With members numbering in the millions, tapping into any Social Media site to promote a product is guaranteed to bring awareness to your company’s products, services or brands quickly to hundreds and even thousands of people immediately.

By using Social Media Marketing as a form of advertising or promoting your company’s products, services or brand, you are using a less obtrusive way of promoting yourself. Another good thing about Social Media Marketing is that: when you promote your product, you get instant responses from your target customers. They can either like your product or reject it. If your product is accepted by these discerning Social Media Site users, you are guaranteed an additional promotional aid. They can recommend your company’s products, services or brand to their peers or followers. This serves as a form of grass roots advertisement which has seen so much success in the past.

In fact, through recent studies 87% of products recommended by a friend or family member is more likely to get a positive result than a product promoted by the company directly.

This is the reason why Social Media sites are relevant to today’s business environment. You have a platform to promote your company’s products and services and get a response in real time.

Social Media Marketing has also been transformed into a viable business and there are many Social Media Marketers available now who can help you with your company’s image and help promote your products, services and strengthen your brand. These Social Media Marketing experts can also help determine what’s hot or what’s not in the market today and help you fill in a void of what is currently in demand as well as re-examine a product you may have which has lost its market share. With a focused manner in promoting your company’s products and services, your brand can receive more recognition and enjoy profit on or offline.

These Social Media Marketing experts also know which Social Media sites are best for promoting your company. Social Media Sites like Facebook and Twitter have a specific type of users that are unlike those found in other Social Media Sites like Pinterest. By helping you determine the psychological profile of Social Media Site users, you can have a more focused type of advertising which in turn will help your company’s image and strengthen your brand recognition as well as raise awareness of all the products and services.