Common Web Design Mistakes

Today, creating a website is a more structured process. What used to just be a bunch of information posted on a page now needs a more scientific approach to create.

Whatever the purpose of a website is, whether for business or for personal interest, a website owner should have a few things to consider before building the site. One of the most important things to consider is its design. A website is going to represent a product, a business, or a person, so it would be best to that the website should fit its purpose. Whether the website is for business or personal interest, it has to have an audience it should reach out to.

Unfortunately, one of the most common areas website designers can totally go crazy with is the website design. If the website design is too crazy, instead of bringing in more traffic to the site, it might put off visitors. What are the most common web designing mistakes?

The most common web designing mistakes are the use of inappropriate fonts – from font sizes to font colors, these little tweaks on fonts can actually make a website more appealing to its audience. Fancy fonts are nice, but only when they are readable. If a font is too uncommon, it may not render properly on some computers, and that would be a problem. Also, if the font sizes and font colors look too out of place, the whole website will look sloppy and unprofessional. Lastly, if the fonts are too small, people would be uninterested whatever content there is on the website.

This is also true for flash designs. Flash is good, but not when it is used inappropriately. A website will look like a one page advertisement – visitors will doubt if the website is really a website or just an ad pop-up. Additionally, when there are too many flash designs on a website, it will take time for the website too load. If takes too much time, there’s a very big chance that the visitor will get impatient and just close the window of the website. The website is important, but so is their time.

The next common web designing mistake is when a website opens too many new browser windows. When a visitor goes to a website, and clicks on one url, he or she may not like it when a click of one url will lead him or her to many new browser windows. Firstly, the action will take so much process memory usage on a computer, and secondly, it gets tiring to close all the new opened tabs. People will avoid visiting a website that does this.

The last common mistake among website designers is when they place content in nonstrategic places. Placing content on the wrong places will make it harder for search engines to “see” the website. If content is placed on the right places, search engines will be able to pick it up and place it first on the search page.

There are more mistakes on web designing, but these are the most common, and the most overlooked. If these mistakes are not overlooked and will be fixed, a website will look more organized, and will have better traffic.