Things to Avoid when Designing a Website

More and more people are creating websites today. Because website creation is so easy, sometimes these people commit simple mistakes that can easily be avoided. Here’s how to avoid them.

One of the most important things in making a website is its design. When designing a website, the website designer should be mindful that this space on the internet will be an avenue where he or she could reach out to a network of clients, or a space used to talk to people. Effective website designing can make or break a website. Whatever the purpose of the website is, the design should be appropriate so it could reach out to the audience the website was intended for. If not, the whole website will look sloppy and inappropriate which does not entice your intended audience to visit it. With this in mind, what should a website designer avoid when designing a website?

First, avoid using too many flash designs and high-resolution pictures. Although this might give the website a stunning visual experience, there are many issues with using Flash. Using Flash on text will not make it searchable on search engines, which will probably not do much for a website. Additionally, using too many flash designs and high-resolution pictures will slow the whole process of loading which will ultimately annoy the people who will access the website, furthermore, too much of these things will only clutter the website. One good quality image is better than hundreds of misplaced ones.

Second, use fonts that are reader-friendly. Make sure that the font sizes are appropriately used – use large fonts for headings, smaller fonts for subheadings, and even smaller fonts for the content; but make sure they are readable. Also, use fonts that are common, so that the text will render correctly on all computer screens. There is no use for fancy fonts when it will only appear as boxes or circles on the computer screens of website visitors. Ultimately, the fonts are aesthetically pleasing but have served no purpose on the website. The purpose of web designing is to attract people on the website, and not scare them off with text that appears as boxes and circles.

Third, avoid placing embedded music on a website. Music can keep the people on the website, but when a song automatically plays (and on a high volume at that) every time someone opens a website, it can keep them from going to the website. If music must be placed on the website, do not make it play automatically – let the visitors click the play button if they want to listen to it.

Lastly, when designing a website for a product or a company, avoid omitting an “About Us” and a “Contact Us” page. An “About Us” page will give the website visitors an overview of a product or the company, and will give them an idea about the product or company it is representing. Any website visitor is a potential customer, so the website should tell them more about who it represents. Amongst the best ways of people for making the decision whether they may trust you are through knowing people’s background, works in the company and quality of thoughts. Additionally, a “Contact” page should have the physical address and the phone number and a 10 to 20 FAQ answers. Doing so produces trust among potential clients, and it is more convenient for them.

Ultimately, website designing should bring in more people into a website, and not the other way around. The way it is designed should help bring more visitors, and should help increase traffic. To achieve this, a website designer should be wary of the mistakes stated above to bring in more visitors.