How To Make WordPress Look Like a Website

WordPress is a world class Content Management System used by millions of website owners and bloggers all over the world. Learn how to make your website look professional through WordPress.

There is a great quantity of sites that make website design an easy task for the common Internet user. Some of the most popular web hosting sites like these are Tumblr, Yahoo and WordPress. WordPress proves to be one of the most used platforms for website creation. Businesses and individual persons use it to host their own domains. This is because WordPress website designing is easy for many people, professionals and beginners alike.

The standard format for WordPress, however, is for blogs. When users visit WordPress websites, they usually see the recent blog posts on it. If you are using WordPress for a business, it would be better to change its design to give it a more professional look.

Luckily, it is simple to customize WordPress pages to make them look more like a fully-functional website. Here is a step-by-step guide in doing this:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin page to create two new pages.
  2. Click on “Pages”, and then select “Add New”. Name this page to your liking. However, do not use ‘Home’ for its name.
  3. Publish the newly created page. This will serve as the front page for your website.
  4. Create another page following instructions 2 and 3.
  5. Publish this page as well. The contents of the site’s body will go here.
  6. After creating the pages, go to “Settings” in your WordPress Admin control panel.
  7. Select “Reading”.
  8. By selecting the “Reading” tab, a menu will show up to the right. There you will see two choices for the “front page displays” settings. Mark the button next to the “a static page”. This will enable you to choose which pages you will use for the front page and the posts page.
  9. The page you created after following numbers 2 to 3 should be the front page.
  10. The second page you created would be for the posts page.

WordPress website designing can easily be achieved with these ten steps. It is even possible to do it with less. However, it is not enough to make your website wholly professional. You can tinker with the Admin control panel more to change or delete other parts of your WordPress website to make it more organized. You can also add more pages or categories to your site. Some choose to disable comments. However, it is rarely preferred because it may give off the impression of not wanting to interact to the website’s visitors.

Most are satisfied with just changing their WordPress websites following the instructions above. However, there are more things you can do in order to further customize your website. You can change the sidebar content by editing the “sidebar.php” file in the theme directory. You can also remove it entirely to give more space for the body’s content.

Make yourself familiar with the editor or control panel. This will help you understand how a WordPress website works. Do not be afraid of experimenting to make the design interesting. This will help attract more visitors.