Google+ Amongst Top-15 Smartphone Apps in the U.S.

ComScore shared and released its March (2014) report for Smartphone Subscribe Market Share in the US according to which, Google+ breaks into the list. From the report, it is evident that Apple is the topmost smartphone manufacturer with 41.4percent OEMs and Samsung is constantly gaining share among Android OEMs. Continue reading “Google+ Amongst Top-15 Smartphone Apps in the U.S.” »

Matt Cutts on Google’s Criteria for Selecting Titles for Search Results

Matt Cutts in his recently posted video, talked about the basic criteria being followed by Google for choosing page titles for the search results. He gave answers to all related question such as selection of snippets that is page titles & descriptions for any website. The concept being followed is quite clear and focuses on the precise, good and relevant descriptions as a search result.

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Twitter New Look with Image-Centric Design

Moving in-parallel line with Facebook, Twitter is all set to redesign its looks in coming weeks. The upcoming profile design will feature a larger profile picture, highlighted tweets and customized header image – quite similar to that of Facebook features. The entire layout is image-centric along with ease to browse the latest tweets.

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Launch A Successful E-Commerce Mobile Website

So you have an E-commerce Website having desktop version (1024 pixel)? Think again, what about mobile savvy people? Can’t they be turned into potential customers since they are always online? Yes! The obvious answer, because the best way to increase sales is to expand the reach. Let people experience a trouble-free shopping experience with Online Mobile Store. A good Mobile Web Development Company will make it easy to draw the attention of all visitors and finally turn them into shoppers. Let’s see how:

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Google’s Matt Cutts Action Against Large Guest Blog Network

Guest Blogging, as we see has become a simple and effective key for optimizing the page. But, with more frequent examples, the giant search engine, Google, is all set to remove spammy attempts to do guest blogging.

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