Monthly Archives: March 2014

Google’s Matt Cutts Action Against Large Guest Blog Network

Guest Blogging, as we see has become a simple and effective key for optimizing the page. But, with more frequent examples, the giant search engine, Google, is all set to remove spammy attempts to do guest blogging.

A Streamlined Look for Pages by FaceBook

Facebook has recently announced a new “streamlined” look for the page. The redesigned timeline features are apt to be used by both visitors & page admin. The page will offer a smart intent to highlight relevant information and get instant … Continue reading

Google’s Matt Cutts on Paid Link Criteria

Google’s web spam team head recently posted a new 8minutes video on YouTube. The video highlights the key aspects to know whether a link is a paid one or not? He says that Google team can easily detect 99% of … Continue reading

Now Submit Scraper Sites Report To Google

Google, the search engine giant, is all set to remove websites with copy-pasted contents. In his recent post, Matt Cutts tweets on Twitter to submit all reports and examples of Scraper Sites through Scraper Report Form. Being the head of … Continue reading

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