Understanding Terminology of Web Hosting Industry

A web hosting service is as important as website designing. Until and unless your website is not hosted, it will not be visible to the rest of the world. So, along with hiring a creative web designer you need to search for reliable hosting service providers as well.

Needless to say, the Internet marketing industry is flooded with domain and hosting service providers. In an industry where everyone claims to be the best, it becomes difficult for the service seeker to choose one.

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The frequent use of technical terms simply adds to the misery of service seeker. Though we cannot advise you which company is the best when it comes to domain and hosting services but we can certainly explain the technical terms used in the industry. Knowledge of such terms makes the task of choosing hosting services easier.

Free Web Hosting

As the name says, this form of hosting is free of cost and you don’t have to shell out a single penny from your pocket. Wondering, why would anyone buy paid hosting services if they are readily available free of cost? Because free web hosting services come along with limitations and you may not be able to yield desired results.

Shared Web Hosting

Unlike free web hosting, this form of hosting service is a paid version and you are required to pay a fixed amount of money to the hosting company. The amount of money charged is comparatively less for this particular service as the server is shared between two or more companies. In certain cases, the number of websites hosted on a single server can grow up to thousands and security issues may arise in the case of shared web hosting. If your website contains sensitive information, it would be better to choose services other than shared web hosting.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In this type of service, one client gets a dedicated server for hosting his website. Dedicated web hosting is comparatively expensive than shared web hosting but is definitely worth the money. Here, the client has full control over the server and can make changes whenever required. From security point of view, dedicated servers are much better in comparison to shared or free web servers.

Cloud web Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest in the family and certainly the best in comparison to above mentioned types of hosting services. Here, the website is hosted in a cloud or remote network that makes the entire system much more efficient. Not to forget, here the client pays money only for the resources consumed by him. In cloud hosting also there are public and private networks. Private networks are more expensive than public ones and the choice entirely depends on the nature of your business.



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