Internet Marketing

Matt Cutts on Google’s Criteria for Selecting Titles for Search Results

Matt Cutts in his recently posted video, talked about the basic criteria being followed by Google for choosing page titles for the search results. He gave answers to all related question such as selection of snippets that is page titles … Continue reading

Google’s Matt Cutts Action Against Large Guest Blog Network

Guest Blogging, as we see has become a simple and effective key for optimizing the page. But, with more frequent examples, the giant search engine, Google, is all set to remove spammy attempts to do guest blogging.

Google’s Matt Cutts on Paid Link Criteria

Google’s web spam team head recently posted a new 8minutes video on YouTube. The video highlights the key aspects to know whether a link is a paid one or not? He says that Google team can easily detect 99% of … Continue reading

How to Design Internet Marketing Strategy for Startups

Starting a business is easier said than done. Right from defining the business model to understanding customers’ needs, every consecutive step simply makes it difficult to start a business. But those who courageously overcome these challenges are the real entrepreneurs. … Continue reading

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