Matt Cutts on Google’s Criteria for Selecting Titles for Search Results

Matt Cutts in his recently posted video, talked about the basic criteria being followed by Google for choosing page titles for the search results. He gave answers to all related question such as selection of snippets that is page titles & descriptions for any website. The concept being followed is quite clear and focuses on the precise, good and relevant descriptions as a search result.

Google while showing the result of any query looks for more concise description of the web page. It also makes sure that the page is relevant to the generated query. The search results pages is an automated process which can take into account the content of the webpage and references to it. Snippet is not just a description but presentation of the website which should never be overlooked. Matt Cutts has already highlighted these facts in his past videos. In case the HTML title of any website fits the criteria of being short, good and relevant enough to answer the search query than it will be the default snippet, otherwise not.

As per Matt, if the page title doesn’t fulfill the above conditions or the user is not able to find the exact answer or doesn’t have an idea about how the site is going to be than Google will explore the insights. Google might use the content or the links pointing at the page. It can incorporate even some texts from those links or can use anchor text or listing from Open Directory Project creating a rich snippet. The main idea behind all these steps is to give the best title helping the user in finding exactly what he wants. One can obviously control the titles and descriptions by following tips given by Google help center. It helps in the describing the right way for better website ranking. Significant details are being given about title tags, Meta titles, boilerplate titles, etc. Hence if one is confused as how to optimize the site through HTML coding, follow Google Guidelines.

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Hemant Singh

Hemant Singh

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