A Streamlined Look for Pages by FaceBook

Facebook has recently announced a new “streamlined” look for the page. The redesigned timeline features are apt to be used by both visitors & page admin. The page will offer a smart intent to highlight relevant information and get instant review of the same. Let’s find out the key updates rolling on its way.

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Google’s Matt Cutts on Paid Link Criteria

Google’s web spam team head recently posted a new 8minutes video on YouTube. The video highlights the key aspects to know whether a link is a paid one or not? He says that Google team can easily detect 99% of the paid links and for others certain questions are looked upon. It is pretty obvious that any link is paid for an exchange of certain dollars. This is the basis criteria which evident and followed maximum times. Apart from it the other things put in considerations are:

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Now Submit Scraper Sites Report To Google

Google, the search engine giant, is all set to remove websites with copy-pasted contents. In his recent post, Matt Cutts tweets on Twitter to submit all reports and examples of Scraper Sites through Scraper Report Form. Being the head of Google’s web spam team, he asked the online users to give the URLs copying from the original source for ranking purposes.

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Top Reasons As to Why Responsive Web Design is Good for SEO?

It is a special approach of website designing in which optimum viewing of the websites are aimed. The visitors can easily browse through these sites, read the content and navigate very quickly and smoothly by using numerous features like resizing, scrolling, panning, etc. This technology is applied on a wide range of electronic gadgets like personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc. The websites which are designed with the responsive web design has an easy adaptability to the site viewing environment by the use of proportion-based grids, fluids, flexible images and media queries. The mobile web design is widely applied to this system for internet applications on the mobile phone handsets. Why Businesses Need Responsive Websites?


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Difference between Web Designing and Web Development

Haven’t you ever wondered what the difference between web development and web designing is? Most of us think that they both are just the same process, but they are not. They are two different operations that are crucial for any website. It is often the media which have confused the people about these two terms. This article will give you a better understanding on how these two operations are different, but yet integrated in the working of websites. Tips to Create Audience-Focused Website

difference between design and development

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