Now Submit Scraper Sites Report To Google

Google, the search engine giant, is all set to remove websites with copy-pasted contents. In his recent post, Matt Cutts tweets on Twitter to submit all reports and examples of Scraper Sites through Scraper Report Form. Being the head of Google’s web spam team, he asked the online users to give the URLs copying from the original source for ranking purposes.

What are Scraper Sites?
Scraper Sites are the spam sites using copied content from the original source or website to optimize their ranking. The copy of the web content has always been an issue. But, with Scraper Sites, the problem is of replacing or ranking above the original source. The Google Doc form, released shortly asks you to tell the URLs of both original source and Scraper Site along with the search result page. But one has to make sure that original web source is following all webmaster guidelines.

Google, through the step, is likely to filter major Scraper Sites. This will result in identifying their ranking and penalties. Such Scraper Sites outranked the original source and often stay on the top result pages for long time. Google, in 2011 also initiated reforms by reducing number of scrapers algorithm. By looking at the Scraper Sites mishap, Google is trying to provide more and more original content. Even if the ranking of Scraper Site is not high, one may list the same since it is based on copy-version of the source.

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Hemant Singh

Hemant Singh

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