Google+ Amongst Top-15 Smartphone Apps in the U.S.

ComScore shared and released its March (2014) report for Smartphone Subscribe Market Share in the US according to which, Google+ breaks into the list. From the report, it is evident that Apple is the topmost smartphone manufacturer with 41.4percent OEMs and Samsung is constantly gaining share among Android OEMs.

In the top-fifteen Smartphone apps, Facebook holds the first rank, reaching 75% of the app audience. Next to it is the Google Play having 51.8%, while Google Search has 49 percent of the audience. The series is continued by YouTube (48.8%), one of the giant audio-video social sharing platforms. Google+ is just below the Twitter that shares 21.9% in the race of apps. The difference between the two apps is just 0.6%, which shows clear competition. The report data has been extracted by analyzing the total smartphone mobile users having age of 18+, who using iOS and Android platforms.

Google+ has entered the top 15 list for the first time highlighting the maximum reach to the audience. According to ComScore 68.8% of the U.S mobile subscribers have their own smartphones in March. The penetration of smartphones in the U.S markets is likely to increase by the end of the year 2016.

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Hemant Singh

Hemant Singh

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