Twitter New Look with Image-Centric Design

Moving in-parallel line with Facebook, Twitter is all set to redesign its looks in coming weeks. The upcoming profile design will feature a larger profile picture, highlighted tweets and customized header image – quite similar to that of Facebook features. The entire layout is image-centric along with ease to browse the latest tweets.

Glance At Twitter’s New Design

The top screen has increased width with options of customizing the image in the header. The tweets are deliberately separated into three categories which are Best Tweets, Pinned Tweets and Filtered Tweets. Best Tweets are the tweets having more engagement factor. Their appearance will be bigger as compared to the other tweets. The idea behind this feature is to make the users find their interactive yet best content within a look. Pin Tweet will let the users to “pin” the tweet of their choice and move it to the top of the page. At last, with the option of Filtered Tweets users can select a particular timeline to view while looking at profile of others. What’s more? One can search for Tweets, Tweets with video /photos or even Tweets with replies!

Users are free to add four pictures in each of their tweet. Apart from image flexibility, users can now tag up to ten friends in a photograph.  Twitter has been experimenting with its looks from past few months. This new design will soon be rolling to the users giving a presentation of what the person is all about! The navigation is made easy and quite clear for the followers and the user itself. On the whole the changes are unique, and impressive. These features are currently made available to a small group of people. In case you want to check out the above changes, you can go and check Kerry Washington’s profile to see Twitter new look.

A Streamlined Look for Pages by FaceBook was also launched in March, 2014 only.

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Hemant Singh

Hemant Singh

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