Difference between Web Designing and Web Development

Haven’t you ever wondered what the difference between web development and web designing is? Most of us think that they both are just the same process, but they are not. They are two different operations that are crucial for any website. It is often the media which have confused the people about these two terms. This article will give you a better understanding on how these two operations are different, but yet integrated in the working of websites. Tips to Create Audience-Focused Website

difference between design and development

The four basic components of a website:

1. The way it looks and show up in terms of graphics, color combinations, etc. These essentially refer to the aesthetics of the websites. All kinds of animations, background music, etc., fall under this category.

2. The content on the website which includes all the information that the website holds. This does not mean any technical specification of the website. It simply means all the content that the website holds for the user to go through.

3. Functionality features that include all the function keys that are used by the used for client server interaction. It is more like an infrastructural outlay of the website which directs the user on various things.

4. Serviceability, which refers to the usefulness of the website to its users.

Both web development and web designing revolve around providing these four parameters to various degrees. Both of them are integrated in providing these features effectively.

Web designing:

Web designing is the component which can be directly seen by customers or users. The web designs are meant to attract customers through its tactical and colorful appearance. Web designing is primarily obliged to the serviceability and appearance of the website. A good web designer is expected to bring in a design that is equally attractive and easy to navigate through. A web designer focuses on the aesthetic values of the website. Guidelines For Effective Website Designing

Web development:

Web development is the process where programming codes are written in order to achieve the functionality of the website.  For example, if we want to place a tab on the website indicating ‘go to the next page’, a particular programming code must be made by the web developer. Web development also involves content writing, but is secondary as it is not a job that requires any specific skill set. A good web developer is expected to know how to program a common gateway interface and scripting languages such as PHP which can be embedded on HTML.

As you might have by now understood the difference between web designing and web developing, you must also realize that these two elements cannot work without each other. And, it is probably due to this reason people fail to distinct them. Unless you are looking for a simple website, all official sites depict professionalism in web development and web designing. Content Management System (CMS) Designing

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