Payment Gateway Solutions

What are Payment Gateway Solutions?

Payment Gateways are the answer to making sure all transactions made between a vendor and a customer is safe and secure. By encrypting sensitive information submitted over the Internet, the customer is assured that their contact details will be safe. This also ensures that the vendor will get the payment for their products or services safely.

With a correct Payment Gateway Integration done to your site, you can increase customer loyalty as well as trust in your company.

How Does A Payment Gateway Work?

A Payment gateway acts as the facilitator for payments made between a customer and a vendor. When the customer hits the submit button on the payment portal, this information is encrypted using SSL and then sent electronically to the acquiring bank.

By using SSL or Secure Socket Layer Encryption, a company can help put a worried customer’s concerns to rest. SSL is recognized all over the world as a very effective encryption specifically for these types of transactions where personal information is shared.

How Integrating a Payment Gateway To Your Website Helps Your Business Grow

By adding a Payment Gateway to your website you are increasing your security. This also helps give the impression that your website is professional and not one of those companies that ups and disappears after a couple of months of operations. This makes your customers trust your company more.

Also, by increasing your website’s trustworthiness, more and more customers will be comfortable in getting products from you. This leads to more purchases and profit on your end.

So in effect, a Payment Gateway serves not only as a facilitator for transactions done online but also as an image enhancer that builds customer trust and loyalty.

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