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Let Your Website Do the Talking!

In the virtual space, the website strikes the first conversation between a business and its clients. To make this first interaction effective, an appealing website is what your business requires. Now, if you ask what is an appealing website then there is no concrete definition for the same. Every web designer has a different definition of an attractive website and they include varied elements in their websites to make it look appealing to the visitor. Despite the differences in the choices and designing practices of web designers, one tool that remains the first choice of every professional in the web designing & development industry is Flash.

Using Flash, designers can add animation to their otherwise static websites. From talking characters to moving text, almost everything can be done with Flash to make your website interactive. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with website designers at Tech Genuine and get a new Flash website for your business.

What can you expect from a Flash Website, designed by Tech Genuine?

Flash websites designed and developed at Tech Genuine are unique and in accordance to the requirements of our valuable clients. We lay special emphasis on creativity and strive to design websites which are exclusive in terms of design and functionality. Some other features that you can expect in a Flash site developed by Tech Genuine are:

  • Cross-Platform Compatible – Compatibility is one of the major problems with Flash websites. However, at Tech Genuine we ensure that your website is compatible with leading web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and a few others.
  • Supports Animations – Most of the businesses want Flash websites as they are interactive in nature. Flash websites developed by our experts support advanced animations and you can add many different dynamic elements to your website.
  • Provision of Special Fonts – It may be hard to believe but the choice of fonts also plays an important role in making your website attractive. In flash websites, web designers have the liberty to choose special fonts which are not available in static websites.

Flash Design Services

The technology of Flash can be used for designing a complete website as well as its individual elements. The services offered by Tech Genuine in this domain of web designing and development are mentioned here below.

  • Customized Flash Websites
  • Dynamic Photo Gallery using Flash
  • Animated Introduction

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