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Joomla! is one of the most customizable Content Management Systems available in the market today. With features including RSS feeds, news flashes, blogs, polls and support for language internationalization it is no wonder that this PHP based CMS has taken the online world by storm!

With continuing Joomla Development, this cross-platform OS is very popular and as of March 2012 has been downloaded 30 million times!

Joomla! is a very popular tool that most Hosting Packages have included it in their control panels as an option. The Joomla Development Company has ensured that Joomla! is not restricted to any specific organization or platform. This is good news for any business owner as it keeps Joomla! open and unrestricted.

Hosting companies like Godaddy! and Fatcow are good examples of business entities who use and provide Joomla! through their product packages.

Other notable companies using Joomla! are Pizza Hut, McDonalds, eBay and GE. If these companies are using it, why aren’t you yet?

Useful Features

Joomla! is highly customizable and can adjust to whatever you require for your business. Here are some of the useful features Joomla possess:

- PHP based

- Stores data in MySQL or MS SQL

- Page caching

- Can run a LAMP Stack

- Easy to use and allows user customization

Joomla also supports Joomla extensions which further enhance user experience. There are five different extensions for Joomla which extends the capability of your website.

Components – mini applications that serve different purposes in your website.

Plugins – run specific commands from filtering to updating information.

Templates – which help enhance the appearance of your website. These are highly customizable to fit your taste.

Modules – which can help facilitate your search boxes or member login area.

Languages – last but not the least which can help with fonts used and rendered in any format you want.

Need Help With Joomla!?

Our expert Joomla Developers can help you with various aspects of your Content Management System and enhance your user experience as well as your target customers’.

Call us now for more assistance with Joomla through our tried and tested Joomla Development Services provided by Joomla! Content Management System experts!

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